Trebles all round at County Hall and Beech Hurst

If rising electricity, gas and oil prices to heat our homes, increased rail and petrol prices, higher interest rates Tory led Test Valley and Hampshire County Councils are going to inflict more pain on the residents of the Parish for the same level of shoddy service.

Conservative Councillors have agreed a whopping Council Tax increase of nearly 4.5%. That’s more than twice the rate of inflation, adding nearly £50 to every Council Tax bill in our Parish, but what for more of the same poor service? As if a £50 Council Tax increase was not enough County Councillors added insult to injury by attending a lavish drinks reception for top Tory councillors and their friends just three hours before they voted for a record high Council Tax. The drinks party cost several thousand pounds…paid by YOU, the Council Taxpayer! Add in the £141000 Hampshire County Council spent on bottle water last year as highlighted by the BBC its “trebles all round” at County Hall.

Report from Smannell Lib Dems

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