Free gifts?

I have recently received a letter adressed to “Mr and Mrs (no surname) at my home address inside was a small note congratulating me and saying I had received a free gift. All I needed to do was phone a number and quote the hand written code on the note.

Rather than phone the number I checked out the sender on Google and found a whole load of cautionary blogs. Check yourself for “Matters Consulting Ltd Survey UK”

 Best advice comes from the Trading Standards as posted on 

I have received an enquiry from a NHW member who has received an email from a Company called Matters Consulting Ltd, t/a Survey UK of Cheltenham, The email informs them that they are entitled to a gift donated by a local business (no name given). They quote a gift confirmation number which can either be telephoned through or by logging onto their website.Trading Standards have confirmed they have heard of this Company – they are trying to get people to join a gym by giving a free gift of a manicure or pedicure and supposedly cheaper membership to the Gym Club.”

I have thrown the letter in the bin (recycling of course) and advise all residents to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Free gifts?

  1. Stephen says:

    This Scam has now spread to the whitstable and Canterbury areas we have got the same things that you recieved and like you have thrown it in the recycling bin we are alerting all our friends in this area

  2. Clarisse says:

    I received one of these by post this morning. I phoned the number which was a local number. (I am in Scarborough, North Yorkshire) I was given the name of a local gym .
    and told that I had won a membership worth £700 but they asked me to go along and see for myself and take someone with me – I guess they are expecting thr other person to pay for membership. Incidentally I am in my 80th year!!!!

  3. wendy says:

    I have received one of these today. I am in staffordshire.
    there was a time when I would have been excited to receive news of a gift but nowadays I am suspicious due to all the hoaxes that are taking place.
    sure enough I find this site, evidence enough to ignore my pronounced luck.

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