No cold calling zone a success

No cold calling sign

At last night’s Andover Forum we were told about the new initiative to introduce No Cold Calling Zones into Andover. The first trial was in Hepworth Close and has proved successful.

The aim of the scheme is to deter bogus callers (distraction burglars and rogue traders) from approaching people living in the zones and give residents the confidence to say “No” to cold callers who seek business at their doorstep.

Potential zones are pinpointed by police and trading standards  and then set up once residents have been consulted and are known to be in support. Other zones will also be considered if set criteria can be satisfied. Residents living in proposed zones are visited and given a special No Cold Calling Zone pack containing general consumer and safety advice. Also included is a Buy With Confidence directory of approved traders and a door sticker telling cold callers they are not welcome. Signs are then erected to identify the zones and residents are advised to report any future suspicious cold calling activity.

If you would like your street to become a no cold calling zone please let me know on 01264 356759 or [email protected]. I will collate requests and pass them on to the trading standards department.

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