More roadworks on Smannell Road

Yet again Smannell Road is being dug up to provide services for the East Anton MDA. The latest works involving digging along the northside as far as the church and then across the road and along the southside round to Enham Arch. This is to lay fibre optic cables out to the MDA to provide phone and telecommunications links.

 Local residents have contacted me concerned about the disruption and the closure of footpaths without notice. I have spoken to the contractors and ask that they minimise inconvenience to local residents. The quality of their work is good and they are repairing the grass verges as they go along by lifting turf, replacing it and rolling the surface afterwards. Much better that the disgraceful state in which previous contractors left the area. They expect to be finished the work in the next two weeks.

What a pity all the contractors can’t work to this standard and what a pity they can’t all work together instead of continually digging up the same piece of road.

The next works will be to install mini roundabouts at the junctions of Roman Way and Cricketers Way with Smannell Road.

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