MPs take fluoridation fight to Downing Street

Local MPs Sandra Gidley, Chris Huhne and Parliamentary Candidates Dave Callaghan and Dave Goodall have joined local campaigners fighting plans to add fluoride to Hampshire’s tap water, and delivered their views to the Prime Minister last week. Members of Hampshire Against Fluoridation took a petition containing 15,300 names calling for the controversial scheme to be scrapped to Downing Street.

Commenting, Lib Dem Shadow Public Health Minister, Sandra Gidley MP said: “The health authority were very selective with the evidence they took account of, ignoring much good evidence which proves that fluoride is good for teeth but doesn’t have to be put into the water. They also seemed to have ignored the fact that even the British Dental Association advise against giving fluoridated water to babies. The cost of fluoridation would also be huge. It would be far cheaper and more effective to provide toothpaste and brushes to those who can’t afford it rather than introducing a mass medication programme.”

Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne added: “The whole idea of a public consultation is that the public’s views are taken into account. Unfortunately the consultation undertaken by South Central SHA was nothing other than a PR exercise, as they chose to ride roughshod over the overwhelming opinion of the public. I hope that the Prime Minister will realise just how angry people in Hampshire are about these plans, and put a stop to them before a bad taste is left in the mouths of local people.” First published on Sandra Gidley’s website 9 June 2009.

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