Graffiti removed

Graffiti is always unpleasant and unacceptable, particularly when it is racist or obscene. It lowers the tone of the area and degrades the communities who have to put up with it. I fully support the zero tolerance philosophy which argues that none is acceptable and that it must be removed as soon as it appears. I was pleased therefore to see that Hampshire Highways removed the graffiti at Enham Arch (below) on the same day I reported it.

Enham Arch graffiti

On the week starting 3rd August there is a CREW initiative in Cricketers Way and Roman Way. One of the issues council officers will deal with is graffiti. If you know of any problems in the area let me know and I will make sure it is removed.

And a second thank you to Hampshire Highways – on the same day I reported the graffiti I also asked for repairs to potholes in Galahad Close. The following day repairs, albeit temporary, were carried out.

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