Andover needs more buses #1


I was disappointed to see that in the revised bus timetables for Andover Stagecoach is proposing to pull out of two routes and restructure several others. This has apparently all been welcomed by the county council which is ultimately responsible for public transport services in Hampshire. Particularly disappointing is the fact that these changes have been agreed without comment from our local county councillors. No wonder some people see the county council as increasingly irrelevant to the needs of Andover and a retirement home for aging Tory politicians.

At a time when the world is facing major environmental catastrophe we should be looking to reduce our CO2 emmisions not increase them. The biggest single source of CO2 is private cars and I would expect the county council to be promoting increased use of public transport such as buses to reduce pollution and congestion. Not so in Hampshire where saving money takes priority over saving the planet.

I have asked for more details of these proposals and will beĀ  looking to see what effect they have on the large number of local residents who don’t have access to private cars and are totally dependent on bus transport to get around town. Andover’s bus services need expanding not contracting. I would expect the county and borough councils to be looking at ways to do this and will be pushing them to do so.

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