Tories back anti-fluoride campaign (at last)

Andrew Lansley Conservative shadow health secretary has described consultations on fluoridation of Hampshire’s water “not real” and called for a referendum on the issue. In 2008 Test Valley Borough Council along with many other Hampshire authorities backed Lib Dem calls to reject proposals to add fluoride to local water supplies..

Lib Dem shadow health secretary and Romsey MP Sandra Gidley has welcomed his statement and added “It is just a shame that it has taken nearly a year for the Tory party leadership to make their opinion on a local referendum known.”

One thought on “Tories back anti-fluoride campaign (at last)

  1. I support the principle of a local referendum on fluoridation. Healthy eating and good oral hygiene are the answer to tooth decay – and that is an education issue. Compulsory medication of the general population is not the way forward.

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