New taxi ranks

Visitors to Andover town centre now have the benefit of two new taxi ranks, which have recently opened as part of the latest town centre enhancement work. They will provide much-needed additional taxi rank space.

The first rank, accommodating three taxis, will be in operation 24 hours a day in Waterloo Court. This is conveniently placed for customers coming from the Waitrose end of the Chantry Centre, the Guildhall or Tesco Metro.

The second rank, also for three taxis operating in the evenings only (8pm to 6am),  is on Bridge Street at the junction with the High Street. This is similar to the existing evening only rank at the junction of Bridge Street and Winchester Street.

I am pleased to see these have finally been opened as this is something I have been requesting for some years ever since the closure of the mini cab office in Waterloo Court. Given the poor level of bus services in the area adequate provision of facilities for taxis and mini cabs is essential.

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