Partial victory for bus pass campaign

Hampshire County Council have now made a decision on the future of concssionary fares in the county. I can report they have conceded on some but not all of of the extra elements currently offered by Test Valley Borough Council. This as a result of the vast number of responses from residents of Test Valley and across the county calling for them to maintain the exisiting provisions. Funding is there to pay for these services and cuts to┬áthese services would be an attempt to divert that funding to other areas. Full details of the new provisions are available on the county’s website at

In brief the new county run system provides

  • Free bus travel for those over 60 from 9:30 to 23:00 Monday to Friday and all day at weekends
  • All day (including before 9:30) for those holding a disabled persons pass with the option of a companion pass for anyone needing one.
  • Disabled pass holders will be able to use their pass on approved car share and taxi share services and travel half price on dial a ride services.
  • Disabled residents can also opt for travel tokens instead of a bus pass.
  • Passes can also be used on Cango and some other services.

The county will not however be providing all day (before 9:30am) travel for the over 60s or rail cards as an alternative to a bus pass.

Existing passes remain valid and replacements will be issued by Test Valley until April 2011. From April Hampshire County Council will adminster the system and will be writing to those eligible to advise them of how to apply for the new passes.

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