Flooding in Smannell

Today’s heavy rain saw more flooding in Smannell a problem which occurs everytime we get heavy rain. Together with local residents I have contacted the Hghways department asking for urgent action. The text of our exchanges is as follows.

“Thanks for your prompt response on this. I appreciate you will have had a number of issues today because of the torrential rain. Having driven from Andover to Bordon this morning I have seen several areas where flooding has occured but none as bad as that which occurs far too often in Smannell.

I must re-emphasise the point that this section of road does flood regularly and the flooding is always reported but to no avail. Furthermore although not intentionally widened the cariageway has nevertheless got wider over the years every time a repair or resurfacing work is carried out.

Anything that can be done to resolve the problem in the short term would be appreciated but a long term solution is needed as soon as possible.


Len Gates

“Thank you for that; I am assured action has been undertaken to relieve the immediate problem.

Flooding at this location is not something I’ve been aware of in the two years I’ve been here, but do understand it is a historical problem. Although, as I mentioned in an earlier response, I will discuss a long-term solution with my Highway Manager in a couple of weeks time (he is currently on leave), the reality is that any major scheme would not be cheap and would have to join the Capital Programme and compete with other proposals for available funding, something which I’m afraid, along with the likely timescale, is out of my hands, although I will indeed stress the degree of the problem, given the information from you and others.

Hampshire Highways”

There is willingnees to deal with this but also a need for the local county councillor to champion this cause to get something done. I look forwasrd to her doing so.

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