Roman Way Forum (again)

Last Saturday’s meeting was another success. Residents have heard how anti-social behaviour in the area has reduced in the last year. PC Simon Merritt and PCSO Becca Williams answered questions from the public and dealt with a number of issues raised. They stressed the need for residents to continue to report all incidents so that they can be followed up.

The meeting then discussed speeding and other traffic problems. Town councillor Kevin Hughes will follow up the problems raised with the highways authorities. Residents also asked questions about traffic management in the area and agreed to add this to the agenda of the next meeting. A number of other matters were raised regarding overgrown trees, uneven footpaths and dog bins which will be followed up by town councillors.

Future meetings of the Forum have been guaranteed thanks to support from the Alamein Community Association. The Association will fund and publicise all future meetings. The Association is also funding the planning application to erect the new community notice board on Roman Way. Forum chair Cllr Barbara Carpenter had been invited to become a trustee of the Association to represent Roman Way residents.

For those new to the Forum it is a community meeting chaired by town councillor Barbara Carpenter. Meetings are held bi-monthly in Smannell Road Church centre. I originally organised the meetings with the police in response to requests from local residents. We continue to support and attend all meetings of the Forum. From July 2011 the Forum will be fully funded by the Alamein Community Association. Similar initiatives are planned for other parts of Alamein.
The July meeting took place on 30th July. The next meeting will be on Saturday 17th September at 3:00pm.

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