Street pastors succeed in Andover

Just over a year ago I attended the inauguration of Andover’s street pastors. These are church volunteers who give their time to go out on the streets to care, listen and dialogue with people. They are not there to preach nor to convert but to practice what they believe in, to care for their neighbours. Over the last year they have gone from strength to strength and earned the support and respect of the police, businesses and the public. I was privileged to attend their first anniversary meeting where a number of new pastors were enrolled allowing them to send out teams on Saturday’s as well as Friday nights. The also go out on Bank Holiday Sundays.

Last Saturday I was invited, along with Cllr Nigel Long, to join them on patrol and his report of the evening can be found at

I fully endorse all his comments and thank Bev, Barry and all the team who showed me the excellent work they do. More information about the work of street pastors can be found at

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