County’s Wind Farm error


I am disappointed but not really surprised by the county council’s short-sighted proposal to ban wind farms on county owned land (Andover Advertiser 25 January). What is particularly worrying is that such an important decision is not made by the full council representing local views but by the leader alone.

Wind farms have an important role to play in reducing our carbon emissions and Hampshire should have its fair share of them. There are adequate safeguards to prevent the building of wind farms in sensitive sites. The council could, and should, consider each case on its merits rather than adopt a blanket ban. The report on which this recommendation is based is flawed and written to satisfy a minority of climate change deniers and nimbies. Climate change is happening now and everyone, including Hampshire County Council, needs to address this.

The council already faces a £1.4 million bill because of its failure to reduce carbon emissions. Now it plans to further undermine energy efficiency by a blanket ban on a proven renewable energy source. Local people are already paying the price for burning excess carbon and future generations will continue to foot the bill for an ill-advised decision made by just one man.

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