Test Valley adopts Lib Dem council tax policy

With Cllr Katherine Bird at TVBC Offices

Test Valley Borough Council has agreed to implement changes to council tax introduced by Lib Dem Communities Minister Andrew Stunnell. The changes allow councils to end the council tax discount on second homes which cost local taxpayers £55,000 a year.

The new proposals also allow the council to charge an empty homes premium on any home left empty for more than two years. The extra income generated will go towards funding a local council tax support scheme which replaces council tax benefit this year.

Welcoming the news Cllr Katherine Bird said “Ending the discount will bring thousands of pounds back to support local services and help those most in need rather than helping those with multiple homes.”

I am delighted to see local Tories are making use of this initiative introduced by Lib Dems in the coalition. As well as generating extra income, these plans will help bring many urgently needed empty homes back into use.

Revising the unfair council tax system has always been a Lib Dem priority. We are delivering on that priority.

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