£250k pothole bill!

Pot Hole Picket Piece

HAMPSHIRE’S ruling Conservatives have been left red-faced after it emerged they’ve been forced to pay-out nearly £250,000 to motorists in the last twelve months because of damage and injuries caused by the poor state of the county’s roads.

Despite promising to improve the terrible condition of our roads after years of neglect, in the past three years the amount of compensation paid out by the county has actually increased by an astounding 400%. Meanwhile in Southampton, the council paid out no compensation.

Local people are questioning how on earth HampshireCounty has reached this position. Many residents regularly report pot holes to the council but get no action or response. Some have even been advised by councillors to sue the council for compensation.

Year on year Hampshire taxpayers’ are forced to foot the bill for the poor condition of our roads. Three years ago the bill was £60,000 – now it’s nearly £250,000 of our money wasted. Andover Liberal democrats will continue to put pressure on the county to get road improvements in Andover and across northern TestValley.

If you spot a pothole, let us know and we will fight for action.

2 thoughts on “£250k pothole bill!

  1. Florence says:

    After reading the artical about road users got compensation from the council because of poor road serface maintence is extremely upsetting. I have been living in Ryon Close for nearly 4 years and just this year (since Jan 2013) I have been reporting pot holes for three times and no one ever reply to the problem at all. On top of that, last year, the big pot hole that have been ‘repaired’ have been done badly, hence, the edge is already damaged and there will be more holes to fix.

    Houses here are normally own 2 cars, about 20 to 25 cars needing to drive pass the pot holes everyday ( the one that I have just reported this year), so, do the maths. 4 tyes + supsension x 20 if needed to be replaced, also the extra human working hours to process the work. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    When will anyone take these issues carefully??


  2. lengates says:

    I sympathise with you because like you I have reported numerous potholes again and again and yet nothing gets done. What’s worse when I tick the box on the council website asking for feedback on my complaints no-one ever replies. I recently submitted a freedom of information request to HCC asking how much money they spent on roads in Andover and how many potholes they had filled – they couldn’t tell me!!!!

    I find it amazing that no-one appears to know how many roads are repaired or how much it costs and that our councillors who are supposed to be monitoring and managing these repairs can only say “report it again” or “sue the council.”

    As you know I am standing for election to the county council and if elected I will make sure the highways department is accountable to local residents and (a) repairs roads wherever possible and (b) feeds back to the taxpayers on what they are (or aren’t) doing.

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