New seats for Smannell Road

Photo 6 Smannell RoadWhile out talking to local residents I was asked about the possibility of public seats along some of the new footpaths and cycle paths installed around town. As I knew there were sums of developers money collected for recreation purposes I contacted Test Valley council officers to enquire whether any of this could be used for public seating.

Very often councillors and council officers think of leisure in terms of play grounds, sports fields etc. but to many residents leisure is just as much a walk down the road, round the park or to the shops. Why not spend some of this leisure money on a few seats en route?

The good news is there is funding available and officers think its a good idea. I have made a formal request to borough councillor Phil North who is also in favour of the idea and look forward to hearing from him that this project is viable.

One thought on “New seats for Smannell Road

  1. John Parker says:

    Down south in Romsey the parish councils usually pay for these, sometimes with S106 money. Once TVBC implements the Community Infrastructure Levy then parish councils will have at least 15% go developer contributions to spend. Power to the local people.

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