Campaign for safer crossing outside school

Marion and Barbara outside the school

Residents of Roman Way are calling for action to improve road safety outside their primary school. Since new housing on the northern side of Augusta Park has been built the level of traffic passing the school has increased dramatically. As most pupils cross this traffic flow along Viking Way and Roman Way a safe crossing is urgently needed.

Last week  campaigners launched a petition for a controlled crossing outside the school. Parents were overwhelmingly in favour of action and queued to sign the petition. Town councillor Barbara Carpenter said “Children are in danger. A safe crossing is urgently needed before someone is injured or killed.”

School governor Marion Orwin added “road signs in the area are not good enough and traffic drives too fast past the school entrance.”

Fellow campaigner Len Gates said “we were promised road safety measures to deal with the increased traffic from Augusta Park. It’s now time for the developers and council to honour these promises.”

The team will be collecting signatures across Roman Way over the next two weeks. Campaigners will be discussing road safety and traffic calming across the area at a residents meeting in St Pauls church centre on October 17th.

Picture shows Marion Orwin and Barbara Carpenter outside the school with their petition

One thought on “Campaign for safer crossing outside school

  1. lengates says:

    This was discussed at the meeting on Friday 17th.

    Council officers estimate they will not get any money from the developers until March next year. As an interim measure I have requested they ensure the existing school signs are not obstructed by trees and that they install flashing lights like those on the approach to Knights Enham School on King Arthurs Way.

    We will keep campaigning to get this problem sorted as soon as possible. Watch this website for further details.

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