Fluoride plans scrapped

Regular readers will know that Alamein Lib Dems have campaigned for years against fluoridation of local water supplies. See here  and here for more details.

Public Health England have now abandoned plans to add fluoride to the drinking water in southern Hampshire. Commenting on the decision Len Gates, who lead the campaign against the proposals at Test Valley, writes in today’s Andover Advertiser –

“I am pleased to see that Public Health England has scrapped plans to add fluoride to the water supplies in south Hampshire. The plan was opposed by over 70% of local residents and all the local authorities in the area. Among the councils against the plans was Test Valley and I am proud to have taken a lead in that opposition.”

“The pros and cons of fluoridation were discussed in great detail by councillors. The debate was free of personal and political animosity and concentrated on representing the wishes and best interests of local residents. Our conclusion was that fluoridation is an unproven, costly and unsafe over-reaction to a localised medical problem. What was, and still is, required is a targeted campaign to improve dental health where needed. The fluoridation plan was effectively medication of the entire population against their wishes.”

“This decision by PHE is really important. It matters not just in Hampshire but everywhere because it signals to health officials across the country that fluoridation cannot be imposed on an unwilling population. Congratulations to everyone who campaigned against the proposals. You have shown that common sense and public opinion can, and should, take precedence over misguided bureaucracy.”




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