Roman Way School update #1

On 29th October I sent the letter below to the Economy, Transport and Environment department at Hampshire County Council. I will  be raising the matter with various councillors over the next few days.

I am writing on behalf of governors and parents of Roman Way School in Andover and other local residents. I have been given your name as the contact at HCC to speak to regarding a new pedestrian crossing outside the school. 

The school, previously on a quiet residential road (Viking Way/Roman Way), is now on one of the main access roads to the new MDA at Augusta Park. As part of section 106 agreements we were promised traffic calming and a pedestrian controlled crossing outside the school. To date this has not happened although there is an ineffectual mini-roundabout and an unused crossing in the wrong place some distance from the school entrance. 

Since work on the northern section of Augusta Park has started and approximately 100 houses in this area have been occupied traffic past the school, both residential and contractors, has increased considerably. The majority of pupils at the school cross Viking Way from the south to get to the school. There is no lollypop man and limited signage indicating the school entrance. The approaches to the school and provision of safe crossing are poor compared to the nearby Knights Enham School on King Arthurs Way. 

We have spoken to officers at Test Valley Borough Council who have agreed to look at improved signage in the area. They have also advised us that the proposed crossing is the responsibility of Hampshire County Council and will not be installed until funds are received from the developers when the target number of houses has been occupied. This they expect to be sometime in the summer next year. I understand that other traffic calming was planned for this stretch of road but is now in doubt. 

We are obviously disappointed with this response from TVBC. The timescale means the school may have to operate for a further year before any work is undertaken to install this much needed crossing. It also means local children will continue to be in danger from ever increasing traffic flows accessing Augusta Park. Residents would like to see positive action as soon as possible and have organised a petition in support of this. We would now like to present this petition to HCC and state our case for action. 

Would you or someone in your department be prepared to meet us please to receive the petition and listen to our case for bringing forward the installation of the crossing?

 Yours sincerely 

Len Gates

Approach from east

School approach from east

School approach from west

School approach from west

Approach to Knights Enham School

Approach to Knights Enham School



Attached here Letter from HCC is the reply I received from Hampshire County Council



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