Holding developers to account

Barbara Carpenter and Len Gates have contacted Test Valley Borough Council to ask for action to deal with substandard works carried out in Tiberius Road.

The attached pictures show works carried out by contractors working for the developers at the old Shepherd Spring School site. Footpaths grass verges and gardens have been dug up and badly relayed. Local residents are naturally appalled at the standard of the work and contacted Len and Barbara asking for action. Check this website for news on the response form TVBC and the contractors.

Tiberius Road ATiberius Road DTiberius Road B


One thought on “Holding developers to account

  1. Barbara Carpenter says:

    The following email was sent from Test Valley to Hampshire Highways on Friday 2 January.
    “I attach self-explanatory correspondence and photograph of the above taken outside number 26 Tiberius Close. I am advised some two months ago the developers advised the repairs would be carried out within a month. I intend to speak to the site agent next week unless I can rely on one of you to do so as clearly the reinstatement work is not acceptable. Please confirm before the end of Monday 5 January if you will speak directly to the site agent.”

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