HCC to review Newbury Road speed limit

As previously reported the Alamein Focus team contacted highways officers to lobby for a review of the speed limit between Enham Arch and Enham Alamein village (see here for details). I have now had a reply from the county highways department which includes the following positive comments. As you can see they have agreed to consider a reduction of the speed limit between Knights Enham and Enham Alamein

“I note the points that you raise about the speed limits, particularly regarding the speed limit between Knights Enham and Enham Alamein. Whilst this section has little development, junctions or other road features to justify a lower speed limit, there is a shared use footway/cycleway. As you note there are several changes of speed limit between Andover and Enham Alamein that reflect the changing nature of the area as you proceed from the ring road towards the outskirts of Andover and enter Enham Alamein village. The speed limits as they are currently set do represent the nature of the area and are in accordance with the criteria as well as County Council policy, however there may be a better consistency of travel speed in reviewing the current derestricted section for a 50mph speed limit.”

“A speed limit review to consider a reduction to 50mph as described above has been included on my list of sites to be considered for a future Traffic Management Programme. The 2015/16 Traffic Management Programme has been agreed and is fully committed in terms of both resource and funding. Regrettably, the County Council is unable to progress all requests it receives to investigate traffic management measures, and priority is given where measures would reduce traffic casualties. Other changes that do not directly support the County Council’s casualty reduction programme in this way, but nevertheless support a community’s desire for traffic management measures, may be considered further subject to the resources available, the prevailing service priorities, Transport aims and objectives and whether the request meets our criteria for the particular measure required. Those matters that considered the highest priority when assessed are put forward for the programme that is agreed by County Council Members annually.”

While it is disappointing that the highways department is not willing to consider a review of the whole length of the road this first step is very positive. I have referred this response to county councillor Tim Rolt who agrees the limits along the road need a review and has offered to take the matter further with highways officers. I have asked they look again specifically at the speed limit between Enham Arch and the Smannell Road roundabout.

I will be following this matter up with Cllr Rolt, highways officers and parish councillors over the next few weeks.

Len Gates



One thought on “HCC to review Newbury Road speed limit

  1. Adam says:

    I sometimes wonder if many people actually stick to the limits in Andover anyway. I’ve been overtaken many times doing 30 particularly through Enham

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