Romsey By-elections

Four by-elections, one for the Borough and three for Romsey Town Council were held yesterday. The net result is one Liberal Democrat GAIN, two Liberal Democrat HOLDs and one Conservative HOLD. The position on Borough Council is unchanged where Conservatives have a majority (33:15). On the Romsey Town Council Liberal Democrats now have a majority of three (9:6) Full results are as follows 

1: Test  Valley Borough Council; Cupernham Ward. 

 Karen Dunleavey (LD)  793 (59.7%. Last time (May 2007) 55.6%) ELECTED

C. Lewis (Con)              460 (34.6%.  Last time (May 2007) 44.4%)

B. McCabe (UKIP)          73 (  5.5%.  Last time 0) 

Turn out 33.5%      LD Majority 333 

Liberal Democrat hold. Liberal Democrats up by 4.1%. Conservatives DOWN 9.8%. The by-election followed the death of long serving Borough Councillor, Alan Marsh. 

2:   Romsey Town Council; Cupernham Ward. TWO SEATS within a five seat Ward. 

Louise Broomfield (LD)   798 ELECTED

R Hargreaves (Con)         459

B Marsh  (Con)                  505 

I Paxton (Lab)                      53

Michael Wenman (LD)     747 ELECTED 

LD Majority 293 and 242. Turn out 33.43% LD is up 2.9% and Cons are down 5.0%  The by-elections were caused by death of long serving Town Councillor, Alan Marsh and resignation of recently elected Conservative.  

3:  Romsey Town Council. Abbey Ward. One seat within a five seat Ward. 

I Richardson (Con)   794 (53.8%) up 1% ELECTED

Sandra Rispin (LD)   625 (42.3%) down 1%

Wyeth (Lab)                57 ( 3.9%) unchanged.  

Conservative HOLD.

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