Future development in Alamein ward

At today’s borough council meeting the council approved the “core strategy” for future development in the borough. This will now be printed for public consultation.

No further housing development is recommended for Alamein ward. This was as expected because of the extra allocation made to East Anton in the current local plan. A further 600 houses are proposed for Picket Piece but I gained assurances from planners that development in that area would remain south of the railway line and not extend towards Finkley.

A local gap is recommended between Enham and Andover and at my request a similar gap will be recommended between Smannell and Andover. I could not however get approval for a continuous gap around the north east of Andover to protect Little London, Woodhouse and Finkley as well.

I have also gained assurances that broadband access for the East Anton MDA and the north east of Andover is to be improved. This will mean an improved service for residents of the parishes of Enham Alamein and Smannell.

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