Tom McCann backs Litter Campaign

During a tour of Andover to meet local community activists Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Tom McCann met anti-litter campaigner Manuela Wahnon.


Tom and Manuela discussed her Attitude of Gratitude to clean up Andover and the rest of Test Valley. Manuela’s philosophy is simple “we’ve always got something to be grateful for in our lives, so with that in mind, obviously don’t drop litter, but if you pick up one piece of litter a day you can make the world you live in a better place. “


Tom praised her hard work, funded entirely from her own limited resources, as an example of how individuals can and do make a difference to their communities. “As a Liberal Democrat I believe in empowering communities to take responsibility for their surroundings. Manuela is a shining example to all of us”


Tom will be joining Manuela, me and other Andover residents on a litter pick sometime in the New Year.


Full details of Manuela’s campaign can be found at

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