Diversion of Smannell Road

Taylor Wimpey and Test Valley Borough Council plan to close part of the existing Smannell Road and divert it through the Augusta Park development at East Anton. An additional roundabout will be added and the journey distance doubled.

Due to the substantial number of objections from local residents, a three day public local enquiry will be held in The Lights at Andover starting at 10am on the 20th July. Smannell Parish Council has objected to this unnecessary diversion on the grounds that:

  • Heavy agricultural and commercial traffic will be forced to drive through this dense residential area and along a key route to the new Augusta Park school.
  • Emergency Services will be delayed when travelling to and from St. Mary Bourne, Little London and Smannell.
  • Noise pollution will be increased by heavy vehicles climbing the slope of the diverted road and slowing at the roundabouts.
  • Light pollution from vehicles passing at night will affect houses along the route.
  • Exhaust emissions will be increased by the extra distance, vehicles slowing at the roundabouts and by the slope of the diverted road.

The new route for Smannell Road traffic

Residents who feel they may be affected by this diversion are being encouraged to attend the public local enquiry. If you intend to speak or rely on a written statement at the enquiry, the Department of Transport request that you send a copy by 22nd June to The National Transport Casework Centre, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4WH.

I will be attending the inquiry and have submitted an objection to the proposal. Full detail of my statement can be read here smannell-road-statement.pdf

If you want any further information please contact me or the parish council.

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