Pot holes (again)

It seems despite all the hype about pot hole busters and increases in spending on roads we still have an awful lot of pot holes around Andover’s roads and no firm news as to when they will be repaired. I know, from regular correspondance with highways officers, that many repairs are scheduled but there is still a backlog of work to be done.

Most recently I have contacted highways (again) about the appaling state of Galahad Close as shown by the pictures below.  The answer I received is that there is an order for repairs and it is a priority.

Galahad Close #1         Galahad Close #3          Galahad CLose #2

Perhaps our county councillors should come clean and admit they cannot maintain our roads to the standards we expect rather than making rash claims to have solved all the problems. In the meantime I hope to see Galahad Close, at least, brought up to a safe standard.

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