Fire at Greenwich Way

Local residents must have seen by now the aftermath of last night’s fire at Optaglio on Greenwich Way. More details can be found on the Andover Sound website at–fire-i-6787.php

The fire has been controlled but the whole area remains closed while the fire service deal with the consequences including dealing with a number of acetylene cylinders on the premises. I was there earlier this morning and was impressed with the efficient way the fire and police services dealt with the incident and its aftermath. What could have been a major disaster in Alamein ward and Andover was averted by prompt and effective action by the emergency services.

Greenwich Way will remain closed for twenty four hours while the Fire Service make the area safe. Action is also under way to ensure none of the chemicals on site make their way into local watercourses. Having worked for many years in the chemical industry I appreciate how easily this sort of fire can take place and how devastating the consquences can be. I look forward to a speedy resolution of this problem and a full investigation of the cause.

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