Traffic calming on Icknield Way

Traffic survey on Icknield Way

I have written to Test Valley’s Planning and Highways departments asking them to review traffic calming measures on Icknield Way. A series of build outs have been installed between Viking Way and Lilywhite Crescent to slow down traffic. Eventually the road will be closed to all but bus and emergency traffic.

Local residents, however, believe the existing traffic calming is ineffective and that the delay in implementing long term plans means the road will become increasingly dangerous as it is used by more traffic to and from Augusta Park

I and town councillor Barbara Carpenter last week carried out a survey of traffic in the area. The result of this survey together with local residents’ comments has been passed on to council officers for follow up.

I believe there is an increasing problem in the area and residents concerns are justified. As occupancy of Augusta Park increases, traffic and problems on this road will also increase. Existing traffic calming measures do not appear to be effective and may in fact be having the opposite effect. I would like to see all options reviewed and some action as soon as possible to improve traffic management and road safety in the area.

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