Removal of overgrown trees

Trees on King Arthurs Way

For some months now I have been in discussions with Hampshire Highways regarding the overgrown trees on King Arthur’s Way  to the rear of Tintagel Close. Regular readers may remember I queried the double yellow lines extending into the parking bay here back in April.

 Local residents have been trying to get these trees cut back or removed since early 2008. They are far too big for the location. The roots are making the footpath unsafe and are damaging garden walls and gates. The trees also overshadow gardens, the house windows and street lights. Hampshire Highways have consistantly argued there was no need to remove or prune the trees but I can now report they have reconsidered this viewpoint.

Following my requests the trees were surveyed again and I have been advised that because of damage to the footpath that there are good engineering reasons to remove the trees and this will be done. No date has been set yet but I hope that after nearly three years residents will not have to wait too much longer for this problem to be solved.

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