Traffic in Old Winton Road

Residents have asked me to take action to deal with traffic issues in the Old Winton Road area. Most importantly the existing pedestrian crossing on Winchester Road is woefully inadequate and should really be replaced by pedestrian controlled or timed  lights. Such a system would immediately solve the age old problems of traffic trying to turn in to, and out of,  Old Winton Road. I have also been asked to investigate traffic calming measures along Old Winton Road where speeding has become a problem.

 I have passed these comments on to the local Highways officers and await their response. Let me know what you think should be done to improve road safety here.

2 thoughts on “Traffic in Old Winton Road

  1. Old Winton Road resident says:

    Dear Mr Gates

    I have just spoken to the traffic / transport people at Test Valley Borough Council today because twice in the last week I have witnessed cars coming down Old Winton Road not bothering to wait for cyclists who are cycling up the road by the parked cars and they drive half on the pavement and half on the road. As the payment is about 1-1.5 metres wide as a parent of two children I am extremely concerned someone walking out of their house will be killed or severely hurt by a car doing 30mph driving recklessly in this manner

    The gentleman at the Council I spoke to essentially said:

    1. Sleeping policemen / bollards are effective but cost money / Old Winton Road not a black spot.
    2. As a resident would I not prioritise parking spaces over any further action taken on the road. i.e. Prefer parking spaces to cars driving on the pavement presumably. (!)

    The gentlemen I spoke to said you had rung this morning and therefore felt you may be interested in this.

    I am indeed interested in this and have been advised that money is short and so any traffic calming must be justified. However highways officers have agreed to look further into the problems and I await there feedback – Len.

  2. ROB says:

    As one of the cyclists mentioned above I have to agree that often car drivers are not prepared to give way and will mount the pavement to get past. Due to the number of cars parked on the road there are usually few passing places which I have seen result in stand offs between drivers on several occasions.
    Also as a parent who uses a pushchair I agree that the width and quality of the pavements is not adequate and have found that any vehicle passing at speed, especially lorries and buses, come dangerously close.
    I would like to think that any resident applying for off street parking would be granted permission in order to ease the traffic congestion on Old Winton Road. It would also allow home owners to park at their property instead of 1/4 mile away yet still have pay for a parking permit!

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