suffolk road

Winton Focus team in Suffolk Road

I have spent some time over the past few days talking to residents in this area and am amazed at the number of issues raised, particularly when local Tories claim to have solved all the problems by introducing parking restrictions.

 What they have failed to do, however, is to ensure that

  • the parking bays are swept – many are full of dirt and weeds
  • the footpaths are safe to walk on, several residents have complained about uneven surfaces not suitable for frail pedestrians or mobility scooters. Some prefer to walk in the road rather than use these substandard paths
  • speed limits are enforced traffic regularly speeds along the road
  • the street signs are clean and legible

I and the Winton town councilors and Focus team wil be taking these matters up with the relevent authorities. We will also raise the problems of turning out of Suffolk Road towards the town centre. The existing junction and traffic arrangements are far from satisfactory.

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