Residents condemn Highways department

Yesterday I chaired another meeting of the Roman Way Forum. As usualthere was a good turnout with a lively debate on a number of local issues and I am grateful to the local police and Testway Housing who sent representatives to answer residents questions. The main topic of debate was as on previous occasions the appaling state of local roads.

 Residents raised a number of recurring issues including

  • potholes (many of them dangerous) on Smannell Road, King Arthur’s Way and various parts of Roman Way
  • uneven paving stones and unsafe footpaths
  • overgrown trees
  • insufficient grit bins and inadequate snow and ice clearance in bad weather

Many of these issues have been raised a number of times over the past year and yet the Highways department appear unable to deal with them or even reply to residents who complain about them. Residents also complained that county councillors were indifferent to the problems. 

¬†Representatives of the Highways department and the local county councillor have been invited to these meetings but have not yet put in an appearance which adds to the feeling “they don’t live here and don’t care about us.” I will be passing all the comments I have received on and inviting those responsible for our local roads to come and explain what they can and can’t do at the next next meeting.

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