Police investigate Tory candidate

Thames Valley police are reported to be investigating whether the Tory candidate for police commissioner in Hampshire has committed electoral fraud by misrepresenting his home address.

Michael Mates openly admits to living in West Sussex but has declared his address as a flat he rents in Winchester. Candidates must live within Hampshire both at the time of nomination and on the date of the election. For more details visit election fraud investigation

One thought on “Police investigate Tory candidate

  1. Grenville Strickland says:

    This is hardly a surprise to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. The man has ‘history’ and the links on this blog details those nicely. Well done Len.

    The problem is of course, this information needs to get out to all the people of Hampshire who intend voting on the 15th November.

    I feel a “blog” simply isn’t going to carry this message to do that. How many people follow a blog these days?

    The message needs more main stream media so that the people of Hampshire can see the man for who he really is and what he represents.

    (P.S. ReCaptcha – to enter a comment, is a real arse. I must have tried 20 times before it made any sense!)

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