Confused Cameron leaves UK in limbo

Today I received the following from Catherine Bearder MEP perfectly summing up the Prime Minister’s failure to provide clear leadership of this country’s role in Europe.

“Britain’s place in the European Union has been debated at great length over the last few weeks. The Prime Minister’s long-awaited speech meant I was asked to speak about the issue quite a lot on various local radio stations and newspaper articles.”

“Mr Cameron has doffed his cap to the right wing nationalists in the Tory party, whose real agenda is an immediate exit, and simultaneously put British growth, jobs and investment at risk.  He pledges to work with the EU to fight terrorism and crime… then decides he wants to repatriate justice powers from Brussels.  Businesses are confused, our EU partners are confused and, no doubt, the voter is confused.”

“Backbenchers in his own party demanded, and got, pledges on repatriating powers from ‘Brussels’.  However, be warned, fellow EU member states are clear what they expect. Britain cannot be allowed to cherry pick elements of EU policy.  A high degree of dithering is unhelpful for everyone at a time when a clear path forward for the union is needed.”

” Let’s face it, multinational companies looking to invest in Europe, the largest single market in the world will think again while Britain does not show a commitment to its partners and biggest export market for two, five or even 10 years? I imagine they will be weighing up options in Germany, the Netherlands, or any southern countries where the support for employment creation will be great.”

“Unlike Mr Cameron and many in the Conservative Party, I am 100 per cent sure where Britain’s interests lie. The UK has played a fundamental role in establishing the EU and we should play a fundamental and very influential role in its development.”

“Positive reform can only come through working closely with our European partners. Not by thumbing our nose from across the channel. In these difficult times, we must concentrate on the major economic challenges and the national interest; fixing the eurozone, protecting our trading rights and preserving our voice in Europe. Not, I stress, by threatening to turn our back and, in a delusional manner, wandering into an unknown future alone.”

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