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Len For Focus website

Len Gates is a food and flavour chemist who has lived and worked in the Andover area since 1988. He was elected borough councillor for Andover Alamein ward in May 2003 and re-elected in   May 2007 and remained councillor for the area until May 2011.

Len has served as a governor of Anton school, and as a trustee of the Andover Charities. He is currently a trustee of the Alamein Community Association and Andover Trees United.

Telephone: 07793 607190     email: [email protected]



Alex for Focus website

Alex Payton is a locally based barrister who specialises in civil law. He is a councillor in Newbury and has also served as councillor in, and mayor of, Thatcham.

Alex was selected as Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for North West Hampshire in the forthcoming May elections.


Telephone: 07835 129373      email: [email protected]



Barbara For Focus websiteBarbara Carpenter is retired and lives in Roman Way. She has spent many years campaigning for better public transport links for local residents leading the successful campaign for Sunday buses in Alamein ward.

Barbara has been town councillor for Alamein ward since 2010.

Telephone: 01264 338388     email: [email protected]



Kevin For Focus website

Kevin Hughes lives on King Arthurs Way and has lived and worked all his life in Andover. He is a trustee and treasurer of the Alamein Community Association.

Kevin has been town councillor for Alamein ward since 2010.


Telephone: 07834 762490     email: [email protected]

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